Material Evolution

Smart and sustainable concrete through a proprietary alkali-fusion process, utilizing 95% industrial waste, and reducing carbon consumption by 85% compared to traditional alternatives.

Material Evolution, founded in 2017, is a Middlesbrough-based company that employs a proprietary alkali-fusion process to produce cement at ambient temperatures, eliminating the need for energy-intensive kilns and fossil fuels. By utilizing 95% industrial waste, their smart and sustainable concrete product proves to be stronger, more durable, and reduces carbon consumption by 85% compared to OPC-based alternatives. The company's incorporation of Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning ensures material consistency and repeatability in every batch.

In a significant move towards sustainability, SIGMAROC has formed a strategic partnership with Material Evolution (Mevo). Mevo, as an advanced materials company, specializes in creating low-carbon cement from industrial waste streams. The collaboration aims to develop a range of low-carbon concrete products. Fons Vermorken, SigmaRoc's chief information officer, expresses confidence that these innovative products will not only meet market demand but also pave the way for transforming the cement industry and driving sustainable innovation.