March 18, 2024

Through 2023 Greenbloc technology has made significant strides in sustainable development across the business, offering up to 50% carbon reduction on all standard blocks produced at CCP Building Products. This has saved over 6,000 tonnes of CO2 since its introduction and has been offered at no additional cost to the customer. CCP completed its expanded new ranges by introducing an additional premium range product, which sits between its standard 50% reduction product and ultra cement-free and provides up to a 70% carbon reduction at a competitive price.

Greenbloc can now be incorporated in almost all of our concrete products, available in three distinct performance levels. These levels provide a range of embodied CO2 reductions from 50% to 90%. Greenbloc is a flexible solution, enabling daily production and the ability to turn cementfree concrete on-and-off for environmentally significant bespoke projects. These include the UK Environmental Agency’s Canvey Island Sea Defence and Jimmy’s Farm Polar Bear Relocation projects, both of which achieved over 80% reduction in the carbon embodiment of the concrete STRATEGIC REPORT products. As a result of these initiatives, we have become one of the leading UK producers of cement-free pre-cast concrete, producing more wet-cast cement-free concrete per day than any other precast company, and underscoring the industry’s shift towards more sustainable practices. The resulting media focus has brought more cement-free projects to the business for 2024. Looking ahead, we aim to surpass the 100% mark, positioning ourselves as pioneers in producing large-scale negative carbon concrete products.

A leap in innovation was gained through the production of a carbon-negative-cement-free concrete block, which boasted a 115% carbon reduction and was created using Greenbloc cement-free technology, combined with carbon-negative aggregate produced from waste materials and captured carbon. The block showed all the same characteristics and performance as standard equivalent cement-based blocks and is expected to become part of an extended future range with the introduction of Mevo at CCP in 2024.