Aqualung update and NoFraKalk

March 18, 2024

In 2023, SigmaRoc successfully installed and commissioned its first carbon capture unit at Nordkalk’s site in Köping, Sweden. The fully scalable carbon capture system, utilising Aqualung’s innovative membrane technology, is the firstever implementation of its kind in the industry.

The carbon capture system has been developed by Aqualung, a leading provider of membrane-based carbon capture and separation technology, based in Norway.

Over the course of the preceding year, SigmaRoc reviewed an array of technologies including amine absorption, solid absorption, membrane and cryogenic. The Aqualung membrane technology was considered best suited for the Group’s operations based on the following factors: small footprint, low CapEx and operating costs, and a relatively low complexity and efficient solution. The system is modular and fully scalable, allowing SigmaRoc significant flexibility in the roll out of the solution.

The Aqualung module installed in Köping can capture up to 25% of the process emissions emitted from a standard kiln and was initially designed as a ‘catch and release’ system to demonstrate the durability and efficiency of the membranes.

The unit is able to capture CO2 with a purity of 96% through just 2 stages.

The unit has been connected to a pilot purification module to simulate settings required to produce higher purities of CO2 for different end use applications that go beyond sequestration requirements. We believe review of alternative application is required whilst European Governments and third parties develops legislation, policies and sequestration infrastructure including pipeline, storage facilities and portside facilities to allow for commercially available sequestration.

SigmaRoc is working with various businesses and solution providers with regards to the end use of CO2 , including being involved with the NICE (Norvik Infrastructure CCS East Sweden) project to explore all CO2 utilisation and sequestration options.

Nordkalk also secured part-funding from the Swedish Energy Agency for the implementation and scaling of the Köping carbon system with the intention to capitalise on the learning from the engineering, commissioning and operation phase of the initial module.

As part of the Groups JV, Norfrakalk in conjunction with Ocean GeoLoop are initiating an industrial trial plant designed to capture 10,000 tonnes of CO2 in Norway using an allelectric pressure swing process.