Active Community at Pargas

April 26, 2022

In 2019, our Finnish operations were approached with an idea to build fitness stairs on a side stone heap near one of our quarry areas. After 2000 hours of voluntary work the stairs were taken into use in the autumn 2021.

There had been discussions on how to utilise the heap throughout the years in the town as well as in the company, and so building the fitness stairs was a great suggestion. Turning a part of the old quarry area into something that would benefit the entire community, the fitness stairs would offer physical activity with a twist of culture, not to mention magnificent views over the region from a new angle even for the townspeople.

We decided to support the project by giving access to the land area needed for the stairs as well as participation in the financing of the construction work.

But how to build fitness stairs in an active quarry area taking into account the safety of the people using the stairs and that of the quarry? Safety is of utmost importance, so naturally it was imperative that the area will be safe and carefully separated from the quarry area.

About 200 volunteers worked for about 2000 hours on the construction site. The area was fenced in, the stairs got lighting and a CCTV system was installed for the safety of the stairs and people.

The stairs have been really well received by the community. People are happy that the stone heap has been put to good use, and we have enjoyed the positive publicity and the good feedback from people.

About 500 people have climbed up and down the stairs daily since the opening. ”We are very, very pleased with the fitness stairs, and not only because the project is a nice display of how an industrial company and the surrounding community can cooperate for the good of the entire community. Our own people in Pargas have also found their way to the stairs and exercise on them on their own as well as with their colleagues”, says Mikael Furu, Executive Vice President, Northern Europe Nordkalk.

All the people on the stairs are not local. People from outside Pargas have started to come to the town to test the stairs, and admire the views and the art at the top of them. One man’s dream grew into an exercise location that brings joy and is good for the entire town and its inhabitants.