Precast Products Platform - Sigma PPG

Sigma PPG (Precast, Prestressed group) is a cluster of companies specialising in manufacturing precast concrete products. With locations in east & central England as well as London we supply a wide and diverse range of industries ranging from house builders and farmers to sea defences and car parks contractors. Our companies are some of the most experienced and innovative in the industry; some operating for over 70 years while others hold a record amount of patents licenses under their belt.

Platform's companies:

Allen Concrete

Allen Concrete manufactures precast concrete products for the fencing and building industries.

Plants in Surrey and Northamptonshire utilise modern production methods and machinery backed by careful quality control for the mass production of a large range of standard products.

The company’s expertise in the field of precast concrete production is based on more than 60 years’ experience, and is available to support the manufacture of all types of special units.

Large stocks and regular deliveries ensure the fast and efficient despatch of products throughout the country.
The company has many years’ experience as supplier to Ministry contracts and to county and local authorities, public utilities and rail networks.


Poundfield Products Ltd

Poundfield Products Ltd is a precast and prestressed concrete manufacturer bases in the heart of the agriculture, in Suffolk.

Founded in 1999 by Mark Jardine, whose life experience of working on the family farm and the on-site problems of many existing retaining wall systems led him to the design of the Alfabloc®.

An innovative design of a precast concrete retaining walling system that was – quite simply – quicker and easier to install than any competing product. It has no protruding toe and in many cases can be used freestanding. The Alfabloc® was immediately successful and today is manufactured not just in Suffolk, but also under license in Ireland and mainland Europe.


In January 2019 Poundfield Products partnered with American giant Lindsay Corp to bring to the UK the Road Zipper®, a smart lane seperation system made of concrete and with the ability to change lanes in real time. 


CCP Building Products Ltd

CCP Building Products Ltd is a supplier of concrete products and aggregates in the North West of England and North Wales. Its reputation for supplying a high quality, competitively priced product is well known throughout the industry and has been built on the foundations of 60 years of service to the industry, indeed the company’s longest serving employee had a grandparent who worked for the company at its inception in the mid 1950’s.

CCP Building Products have manufacturing facilities for both block and paving products in both the North West of England and North Wales with coverage to the south of Birmingham and to the north of Lancaster.  Its portfolio of annual production includes 1.8 million precast aggregate blocks of one specification or another and over 600,000 Paving Flags not including any other bespoke product that is currently manufactured.