David Barrett

Executive Chairman

David co-founded SigmaRoc plc together with Max Vermorken and Charles Trigg and has been its Chairman since January 2017.

Max Vermorken

Chief Executive Officer

Max co-founded SigmaRoc plc together with David Barrett and Charles Trigg and has served as its CEO since August 2016.

Dean Masefield

Finance Director

Dean joined Ronez in 2017 and was the Finance Director of the Ronez platform until becoming SigmaRoc Finance Director in 2020.

Simon Chisholm

Independent Non-Executive Director

Simon is the founder and managing director of Feros Advisers spending over 20 years working in the Investment arena including as a fund manager with Henderson.

Jacques Emsens

Independent Non-Executive Director

Jacques is a founding member of JPSeven and is a Board member of Sofina, and numerous other companies as well as being instrumental in the development of Sibelco.

Garth Palmer

Non-Executive Director

Garth Palmer was Finance Director of SigmaRoc from inception until April 2020 and remains Company Secretary.

Tim Hall

Non-Executive Director

Tim has spent his entire career in the aggregates industry, most recently as CEO of Breedon South.