“The Company has 102,601,498 ordinary shares of 1p each in issue
26.4% of the Company’s share capital is not held in public hands.

ShareholderNo. of Shares OwnedShare of the company held (%)
Bailiwick Investments Limited13,750,00013.40
Pula Investments Limited12,500,00012.18
Miton Asset Management10,000,0009.75
Nigel Wray*8,300,0008.09
Legal & General Investment Management6,875,0006.70
David McErlain5,000,0004.87
Jeremy Peace5,000,0004.87
Albert E Sharp3,375,0003.29
The Diverse Income Trust Plc - BONY OCS Nominees Limited3,211,305 3.13

*This includes 1,250,000 Ordinary Shares held by a charitable trust, of which Nigel Wray is a trustee.

Last updated 5 January 2017


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