Listing of Convertible Loan Notes

SigmaRoc plc

(“SigmaRoc” or the “Company”)

Listing of Convertible Loan Notes

SigmaRoc plc, the buy-and-build construction materials group, is pleased to announce that, on 22 December 2017, it successfully listed its £10 million unsecured convertible loan notes (the “CLNs”) on the Official List of The International Stock Exchange (“TISE”). The CLNs attract interest at a rate of 6% per annum, mature on 5 January 2022 and are able to be converted into new ordinary shares in the Company at a price of 52 pence per share. TISE is a recognised exchange, therefore holders of the CLNs will henceforth benefit from the Eurobond exemption for the deduction of income tax on any interest received.

The CLNs will trade on TISE with ISIN GB00BYV00V77 and Ravenscroft Group will act as Market Maker. SigmaRoc is pleased to have completed the listing of its CLNs within this calendar year, giving the CLNs a potentially wider audience.


Max Vermorken, SigmaRoc’s CEO, commented:

“The issue of the CLNs was an essential part of the Company’s fundraise completed in December 2016 and has enabled some yield investors to participate in the Company’s growth story. We are pleased that, with the assistance of the Ravenscroft Group, we have been able to list the CLNs within this calendar year. Potential investors which have certain regular reporting and/or pricing requirements may now be able to invest in the securities and we believe that this is another positive step towards increasing the awareness of our business within the investment community.”


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